v2 cigs review 28 V2 Cigs Coupons To Use For Buying Their Must Buy Items

This is the perfect time to switch to electronic cigarettes as America’s #1 electronic cigarette brand, V2 cigs, is giving away electronic cigarette coupons to help slash a huge amount in your vaping cost. Now you dont need to worry about high upfront cost. By using these V2 cigs coupons you’ll be vaping in no time without breaking the bank. Check out these awesome V2 coupons from DealoMetry.com

15% off all starter kits + free shipping
10% off all items + free shipping
30% off V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit
Additional 20-50% off on clearance items

Simply visit this link V2 Cigs Coupon page and click “revel code” or “Get offer” and there’s going to be an instant discount in your cart just before your payment. It’s that easy. So head over to V2cigs.com today and shop for your very first electronic cigarettes. V2 cigs high quality E-cigarettes, awesome flavors and superb customer service is what makes them the best among the rest. Moreover, they have the biggest collection of E-cig products in the industry. V2 cigs got so much to offer for all vapers out there. Here are some of our favorite ones and the “Must buys” of V2 cigs.

1. V2 Red – A standout flavor in the industry, V2 red continues to impress vapers all over the world with each perfect resemblance of taste with the popular Marlboro Red. Beginners would not have a hard time transitioning to E-cigarettes if they use V2 Red because it would feel just like smoking a Marlboro Red. Minus all the harmful chemicals and toxins of course.

2. V2 Standard Kit – is probably the most economical starter kit in the industry. For only %59.95 you’ll get 10 flavor cartridges, two e-cig batteries and multiple charging option. Just enough to get you started in your vaping journey

3. V2 Ultimate Kit – if you want to stockup your vaping supplies, then V2 Ultmimate Kit is the most complete kit you’ll ever find in the industry. For only $149.95 you’ll get 25 flavor cartridges, 3 batteries, a carry case, a portable charging case, multiple charging options, the V2 Power Cig and a lanyard. it’s worth every penny you’ll spend and remember that there’s a 30% off coupon for V2 Ultimate Kit at DealoMetry

4. V2 Portable Chaging Case – perfect to hold and protect all your V2 cigs products plus it can also charge it while you are on the go. Dont let your E-cigs die down on you and buy a PCC

5. V2 Pro Series 3 – last but definitely not the least is V2 cigs latest product which is the V2 pro Series 3. This is v2 cigs first take in the world of Vaporizers and it has a unique advance smart technology that allows you to vape E-liquid, Loose leaf and Essential Oils using just one device. No other E-cigs as of today can do that.

quit smoking Six Reasons To Why You Should Switch To Electronic Cigarettes Today

Are you thinking of switching to electronic cigarettes? Well that’s a really awesome decision. I myself is a former smoker turn vaper and I’ve experienced the awesomeness of switching to electronic cigarettes. That is why I made this blog, to share to others my vaping experience and to help them switch too. Electronic cigarettes have become the smarter way to smoke. More and more people are choosing it. From celebrities to college students to ordinary people, electronic cigarettes are surely changing their lives. If you arent convince yet to switch to ecigs, there let me give you some great reasons why you should switch now.

More Affordable

Everyone wants to save money, even if you have more than enough of it. When you switch to electronic smoking, you can save yourself thousands of dollars every year because ecigs are reusable. And we are even not mentioning yet the other ways you can save money like healthcare costs, insurance premiums, and on additional necessary purchases such as fragrances, gums, and lighters that are needed to maintain the cigarette habit.

Less Dangerous

Electronic cigarettes do not burn anything. They only heat E-liquid. No burning tobacco means no fire, which in turn, means no accidental burns or fires as a result of dropping your cigarette. The number one reason for fire death in the United States is cigarette smoking that’s unattended.

No Bad Odor

Who really likes the smell of cigarette smoke? Have you ever heard anyone declare how they adore the scent of musty cigarette odor? No, you most likely have not, because even smokers aren’t keen on reeking like a dirty saloon!Even when I was smoking cigarettes, I really hate that nasty smell that traditional cigarettes produce. That bad odor that sticks to my body, hair, car, house and anywhere else. Electronic cigarettes dont produce any foul smell.

More Environmentally Friendly.

Cigarette pollution is a major problem, and choosing an alternative instead of continuing the worldwide problem of cigarette butts and smoke pollution is the responsible thing to do. Switch to Ecigs and Mother Earth will thank you. Not only does Ecigs dont produce smoke but there will be lesser trash and you can even recycle ecigs.

More Enjoyable Socializing

Keep yourself happy while you keep those around you happy when you’re socializing by vaping instead of smoking. Most nonsmokers want nothing to do with cigarette smoke, and if you’re using vapor cigs, you won’t be offending anyone by blowing smoke into their personal space. Keep the energy light, relaxed, and if everyone is happy, a better time will be had by all!

So Much Freedom

No one likes to be told what to do, or be limited in what they do and how they do it; smokers included. But there are so much restrictions on traditional cigarettes. Like so many places that it is prohibited and you are also obligated to consume your cigarette stick in one session. When you vape, you’ve got so many more options about where you can vape. You can vape in public areas as well as indoors and even inside the car without really opening the windows. Plus you can vape anyway you want to. Vape a few puffs and then turn it off or vape the whole day.